Stem Cell Bioreactor

Adherent and Suspension Cell culture


STEM Cell Bioreactor for Cell Theraphy


General Description

Bio Reactor of multipurpose high density cell culture system efficiently assists researchers to multifly cell, tissue, ex-vivo, suspended cells in suitable condition for cell culture and to culture operative tissue and to test organism. All in one system: Bioreactor SC consists of various surrounding test instruments and saves working space and perform culture in the ambience of the perfect sterilization.

  •  Treatment by stem cell
  •  Transplanting self tissue
  •  Footing cell vaccination
  •  Immunity treatment
  •  Transplanting medication

BIOEXCEL CT Specification and Accessories Table


– Air-filtering by HEPA filter
– Sterilization by UV
– Protection from contamination inside chamber
– Positive pressure of 0.1 bar

① Tiny sterilization system.
The working bench of Bioreactor SC maintains the sterilized condition during replacing culturing vessel or batch.

② Cartridge of culture and rotator.
Cartridge of culture is mixed well by the magnetic driving rotator.

③ Controller & Software
The graphic interphase and touch screen easily cofirms the status of culture by culturing protocol.


Digital PID Control 15℃ ~ 50℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃ ~ 2℃
Temperature Setting 1℃ step
Display 16×2 Mono LCD
Size of Inner surface 450 x 590(mm)
Inner surface material Stainless steel
Power Supply AC 240V 50~60Hz
power 120W
Dimension(W x D x H) 600 x 630 x 860 mm

* Please note that technical specifications are subjected to be changed.