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General Description

These days, lots of studies demonstrated that ordinary plants can be grown by Light Emitting Diodes instead of sun light. LED are very small semiconductor chips generating light when power supplied. The elements of diode determine the light spectrum emitting, these solid state devices have been progressed over the years. And now, it has greatly improved light intensity and specific wavelengths. Light power and spectral composition, temperature and aeration gas composition can be set control.

PBR for Truk

BIOEXCEL PHOTO Bioreactor Specification and Accessoies Table


  • Remote control available in PC with data logging system
  • Intelligent self diagnostic system to maintain fermentation process from start to the end : Diagnostic, Setup, Dead Band, Offset, Warning, Feeding condition
  • 7″ wide touch screen, intelligent GUI
  • Programmable multi stage operation : Setting pH, DO, Foam, temperature for each stage to the end of the fermentation process
  • Parallel design of vessel and controller : 4 peristaltic pump and pH, DO, foam, temperature sensor port
  • Self data logging system within fermentation controller
  • Easy to calibrate temperature, pH, DO, foam sensors in use of graphic calibration mode
  • Easy control of external device by fermentation controller : O₂/CO₂ analyzer, glucose analyzer, spectrophotometer, fluorescence, spectrophotometer, NIR, gas mixer, level, weight, etc
  • Accurate PID temperature control system
  • LED illumination with Full spectrum imitates natural sunlight as closely as possible by emitting light peaks at 470nm and 630nm, without NDIR and ultraviolet spectrum components.


Drive Top Drive motor(mechanical drive)
Speed Range 50 ~ 1,200 RPM
Impeller Marine Impeller
Temp. Range & sensor Ambient 3℃~80℃, RTD(Pt-100), PID control
Sparger & Gas mode Micro sparger, 2 gas and 4 gas mixer(option)
Inlet Filter 0.2㎛ air filter cartridge
Filter & Condenser 0.2㎛ air filter cartridge, SUS 316
ph Range 2.0~12.0 pH of set point, PID control
ph Electrode Gel Type
DO Range 0~200%, PID control
DO Electrode Polarographic Type
Light sourse Device Selectable – Fluorescent lamp or LED
Peristaltic pump Control 4 constant speed pumps each assignable to a wide variety of function for control of acid, base, foam and feed
Recording pH, DO, Temp., Foam, etc.

* Please note that technical specifications are subjected to be changed.