UV-LED Trans-illuminator

DNA Work related equipment


UV & LED Trans-illuminator


General Description

  1. Reasonable price UV Transilluminator
  2. Long life electronic (Low heat, No flickering)
  3. High durability with Stainless-Steel
  4. Improved UV intensity and homogeneity
  5. Available to identify Safety Dye via LED Light
  6. Available to identify EtBr or Safety Dye
  7. UV protect shield

Gel Imaging System : Advantage and Features


■ LED Type Transilluminator
: 4 options are available: 395nm/ 470nm/ 520nm/ 560nm
(According to SafeDye wavelength)

Composion of Gel Imaging system

Light Source

  1. Feasible to measure substitution reagent within 470nm wavelength band, which make it liberate from EtBr, the carcinogen
  2. Minimize hazard to be exposed to UV direct to skin and eye, within safe 470nm wavelength band

  1. Embedded camera system for safe protection of camera
  2. Simple operation with joystick for Zoom and Focus of picture
  3. Fast measurement for Gel picture with rapid recognition of real time imaging
  4. Plug and play available for USB port connection
Viewer Software

1. Offer Gel-ViewerSoftware