Mini Trans-illuminator

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MINI Trans-illuminator


  • MINI-VIEW is a multi-purpose lamp.
  • Various options for wavelength enable MINI-VIEW to be utilized various purpose with economical cost.
  • Wavelength 254nm can be used in purpose of sterilization, UV or Various wavelength lamp can be used for EtBr or EtBr alternatives, and real-time Gel status can be identified with Handy Type during gel electrophoresis.

General Description

  1. Integral Get Imaging system
  2. Camera + Darkroom + UV Transilluminator + Blue Light
  3. Offer UV light and Blue Light
  4. Simple operation with Joystick for Zoom/focus
  5. Plug and play available for USB port connection

MINI Trans-illuminator : Advantage and Features


  1. UV Lamp is available for sterilization purpose with short wavelength 254nm, using Standtype.
  2. Simple identification of Gel with economical price
  3. Real-time gel status identification is available during gel electrophoresis. There is no need to transfer gel into transilluminator to check gel status as it is available to identify movement and size of band in real time.
  4. Minimize UV exposure to users. There is health hazard with direct exposure of UV to eyes and skin such as cataract. MINI-VIEW minimizes UV exposure to the user by emitting light directly to the object.
    It is especially safe and useful to do get cutting for gel elution.
  5. Various wavelength options are available, including 254/ 312/ 365/ 47/ 520/ 560 nm etc.
    (Only one selection is available)


  1. Size : 230 x 40 x 90mm
  2. Light Source (Option/choose 1)
  3. Standard is Hand type, and Stand Type is released with a Stand
Stand and Hand Type

Composion of Gel Imaging system

  • CMOS 2.0 Mega pixel Camera
  • Lens : f1.2 3.5 – 16mm Mega pixel Lens
  • Light Souce : 312nm UV Transilluminator (8W,6EA) / Blue Light (470nm LED Light) / White Light
  • Excitation Filter : 570 ~ 590
  • Dimension : 400 x 320 x 325

버튼 및 조이스틱 패널구성-재수정

                             [Button and Joystick Panel Composition]

Composion of Gel Imaging system

Light Source

  1. Available to measure alternative reagents within 470nm wavelength band, free from EtBr, the carcinogen
  2. Minimize hazard to be exposed to UV direct to skin and eye, within safe 470nm wavelength band

  1. Embedded camera system for safe protection of camera
  2. Simple operation with joystick for Zoom and Focus of picture
  3. Fast measurement for Gel picture with rapid recognition of real time imaging.
  4. Plug and play available for USB port connection
Viewer Software

  1. Offer Gel-ViewerSoftware