Sterilization-in-Place Medium volume Bioreactor

Pilot Scale Bioreactor


Medium Volume Pilot scale Bioreactor

Type A : Sterilization-in-place Medium scale Bottom magnetic drive Pilot Bioreactor

BIOEXCEL SMBM Pilot Bioreactor


BIOEXCEL SMBM Pilot Bioreactor
Total volume : 50L ~ 500L

Bottom Magnetic Drive System

Type B : Sterilization-in-place Medium scale Pilot Bioreactor with Head Lifting System

BIOEXCEL SMH Pilot Bioreactor

BIOEXCEL Head Lifting System

Type C : Sterilization-in-place Medium scale Pilot Bioreactor with Utility

BIOEXCEL SMU Pilot Bioreactor

Features of BIOEXCEL SSB Piilot Vessel

BIOEXCEL SMU Pilot Bioreactor
BIOEXCEL SMHU Pilot Bioreactor
Total volume : 50L ~ 1000L


Piping and Valves, Motor and Agitation, Aeration and Pressure Control

Piping and Valves

BIOEXCEL SMU Pilot Bioreactor
BIOEXCEL SMHU Pilot Bioreactor
Total volume : 50L ~ 1000L

Agitation and Motor

Aeration and Pressure Control

Sampling, Harves, Drain

BIOEXCEL SMU Pilot Bioreactor
BIOEXCEL SMHU Pilot Bioreactor
Total volume : 50L ~ 1000L

Sensor Ports

Top Plate

Heat Exchanger

Sight Glass and Sight Viewer


BIOEXCEL SSB Pilot Bioreactor : Specification Table

  • ATMega128 CPU and sensor board into one board to easy-fix up and exchange
  • One chip Micom applied without wires, less noise and simple process
  • Qualified for dense fermentation : DO-stat, pH-stat, Exponential feeding,etc
  • Remote control available in PC with data logging system
  • Self setup sterilization: users make their own sterilization process and set up password, sterilization time, and temperature
  • Self sterilization control: when problems happen in external steam supply, user can change valve sequence without pipe exchange and manage process directly at site
  • Various cultivation mode: batch, fed-batch, and continuous mode
  • Accurate temperature control using cooler and heater
  • Additional vessels for bigger capacities and peristaltic pumps for more accurate operation.
  • Automatic flow control: for mass flow control and data logging
  • DO calibration by one point
  • Zero calibration without nitrogen
  • Protection from contamination in exhasting air
  • Head lift system: top plate lifting automatic system
  • Skid frame for controller: Easy to install and add up additional vessels and other controllers.
Agitation Drive & Range 30L ~100L : AC motor Top drive(mechanical seal driving) 50~1,000 ±1 RPM(In the condition of no load)
Impellers Rushton turbine impeller, Foam breaker(SUS 316L)
Sensor & Control Magnetic hall sensor, PID control
Head Lift The head lift system is powered by air cylinder and guided by two sets of linear motion guide
Materials & Finish Vessel/Piping SUS 316L, SUS 304(electrolytic polishing)
Sterilization Heat exchanger or inject steam into jacket.(105℃~130℃)
Temperature Range & Sensor Ambient + 3℃~80℃(0.1℃), RTD(Pt-100), PID control
Aeration Sparger Ring sparger(SUS 316L)
Filter Inlet(0.2㎛), Outlet filter(0.2㎛)
pH Range / Electrode 2.0~12.0 pH of set point, PID control / Gel Type
DO Range / Electrode 0~200%, PID control / Polarographic Type
Pressure Control The back pressure is controlled manually and/or automatically
Control Panel 17” Touch Screen Color LCD
Communications Memory stick, printer, computer, etc with the RS-232C communication protocol
Data Storage pH, DO, Pressure, Temperature and Agitation speed